History of Imanissimo

Imanissimo is an Indonesian progressive band with psychedelic rock genre. The band was formed in 2001 on the initiative of Iman Ismar who had just left the Pendulum band. Iman, who was still a student of Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ) invited his classmates to form a new band called IMANISSIMO. The band's early formation was Iman (bass), Tata (drums), Ponco (guitar), Ronald (keyboard). In 2002 they made their first album titled "Self Title". This 'indie' production album was a live recording. 

Imanissimo soon began to be known by prog music fans in Jakarta. They performed in various events, even they were invited to various events such as November Festival at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jak@rt 2002, Jakarta Fair and a various campus events such as Virtuoso Night Concert at IKJ, Sincere Music Festival at the University of Atma Jaya and many more. Imanissimo got a pretty good response from progressive music lovers. Seeing the potential of Imanissimo band, a progressive music fans organization, Indonesian Progressive Society (IPS) invited Imanissimo to perform at their annual event “ProgNite”. 

IPS founder, Andy Julias interested in Imanissimo and offered them to record a second album. Surely Imanissimo didn’t want to lose this golden opportunity. They then concentrated in working for a 'conceptual album' which tells the adventures of Captain Z, a fictional character created by Iman and Ponco.

The process of making this album had lots of constraints due to each personnel’s occupation. When the album recording was almost finished, Ronald was deactivated from Imanissimo due to his many activities and that he concentrated more in Top40 band. After Ronald left, Imanissimo invited Charlie Hidayat to fill the position as keyboardist to finalize the second album recording. Z’s Diary, Imanissimo’s second album that was released in February 2005 got a very good response. Distributed by SONY Indonesia, this album made Imanissimo to be increasingly recognized not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. In 2005, Z’s Diary won the "Best Progressive Album Production" Award by Anugerah Musik Indonesia. Z’s Diary album was known to quite uniqe since Imanissimo combined the sounds of Indonesia traditional instrument with psychedelic rock music. 

Shortly thereafter, Imanissimo lost Ponco, its guitarist who should continue his musical studies in USA. Imanissimo then held an open audition looking for a new guitarist. After the audition process, one of the young virtuoso guitarist, Firman Alhakeem filled the vacant position. However, after several performances, because of the musicality mismatch problem and his bustle, Firman did not continue his job in Imanissimo. And then Jordan, one of the participants in the Imanissimo’s guitarist audition Imanissimo guitar, signed in to replace Firman.

 A year after was Charlie's turn to resign from Imanissimo to concentrate on the business he had started. Iman then took Raden Agung who was a friend of the same batch in IKJ to fill the vacancy of Imanissimo’s keyboardist. The 2006 Imanissimo’s formation was still solid until today. After completing the Z's Diary tour, Imanissimo refocused in making the third album. It took long time enough so that some fans thought Imanissimo had been disbanded. This because of the busyness of the personnel’s side occupation. Along with the process of third album recording, in 2011 Imanissimo took part in a rock compilation album titled "Born To Fight".

The third album was finally released in 2013. The album was titled "Happiness and Sadness". The third album was a new milestone for the band which was marked by the new font of the Imanissimo’s logo. 

In 2014 Imanissimo got involved in the Indonesian progressive compilation album "Indonesia Maharddhika". Imanissimo’s single hit in the album was "Simponi Indonesia adegan (scene) 1". The song tells about the fight for Indonesian culture between Indonesia and Malaysia. The single was sung by Andy/rif and Kadri, with Lilo Kla Project as vocal director.  

At the end of 2014 Imanissmo had been returned to concentrate on a new album after the tour of Happiness and Sadness and tour of Indonesia Maharddhika.

Finally, the production of a new album titled "ENIGMA" finished in about two years and released in 2017.