Name: Iman Utama Ismar
Place & date of birth: Wollongong, Australia, May 29th 1975
Last Education: IKJ (Majoring in Music) year 1995
Influence : Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Steven Wilson, Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Mezzoforte, Casiopea, Chick Corea, Yes, Leo Brouwer, L.V. Beethoven, From Scratch (Phillip Dadson), Otto Sidharta
Equipment: Aria ProII bass, Roland Combo 60 amplifier. Sans Amp Bass Driver DI, Erhu, Ocarina.

Name : Raden Agung Hermawan Fitrianto
Place & date of birth : Palembang, September 22nd 1977
Last education : IKJ majoring in music year 1995
Influence : Beethoven, Mozart, Ravel, Stravinsky, Oliver Messian, Carlos Michans, Haryo Yose, Otto Sidharta, Tony Prabowo, Piet Hein, Michael Fahrez, Leo Brouwer
Equipment : Macbook Pro 17”, East West,Yamaha PSR 3000, Behringer UMX61

Name : Marcellus Maxmillian Mario Putra Prayoga 
Place & date of birth : Jakarta, November 14th
Last Education : IKJ majoring in music year 2000
Influence : Jeff Porcaro & Simon Philips
Equipment : Regal Tip stick, Paiste & Sabian cymbals, Premier Double pedals, Harrys snare drum

Name : Johannes Jordan Sebastian
Place & date of birth : Jakarta, December 19th.
Last education : Unika Atmajaya 2004
Influence : J. Sebastian Bach, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Mr. BIG, Dream Theater, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Chick Corea, Y. J. Malmsteen, Frank Gambale, Jimi Hendrix, Lee Ritenour, Dinuth, Eet EDANE, 
Benny M. Tanto

Equipment : Custom boutique pedal, Analogman Fuzz NKT275, Roland Guitar Synthesizer GR55, Selmer Bundy II Saxophone, Yamaha Flute, Stratocaster Custom Guitar, Ibanez RG470, Epiphone Casino John Lennon Series, Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar.


Iman Utama Ismar (Iman)

Iman Ismar, the pioneer and bassist of Imanissimo was born in Wollongong, Australia on May 29, 1975.  Born of Mr. Sjamsir Ismar and Mrs. Almika Tartusi, he is the second youngest child of six children in his family. Since his childhood, he liked sport better than music. His dream was to be a professional tennis player. He jumped into music later when he stopped playing tennis. 

He joined lots of junior tennis tournament and won several of them. Because of his tennis activities he was not promoted to higher grade at school. Therefore his parent decided to limit his sport  schedule so that he could be more focus on his study. That was the time when Iman started to love music especially hard rock and fusion. He even learned playing guitar from his younger brother. He listened lots of rock music and fusion and covered Van Halen, Extreme, Mr. Big, Chick Corea, Mezzoforte, Casiopea, etc.

Iman found his true soul in music. His introduction into bass was a coincidence. He formed a school band with his friends and no one could play bass at that time. So he tried to play bass and fell in love with this instrument until now. 

In 1994 he continued his study at Trisakti University majoring Economy but soon dropped his study. Then he decided to study at Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ) in 1995. He studied music majoring contra bass. Did not take long, Iman soon formed a band with his friends named Fortissimo that later changed its name into Overture.
Overture band played Iman's instrumental composition but hen dismissed in 1998. Iman Ismar then formed Pendulum Band with Turi Ismanto in the same year. At that time he also composed contemporary music for theatre and dance. In 1999 he decided to focus on Top40 Band and paused his study until 2001.  After finishing unreleased demo with Pendulum in 2000, he resigned from the band to focus on Top 40 Band. But a year later he decided to continue his study at IKJ and started to compose music for theatre and dance. In 2001 he formed Imanissimo with Putra, Ponco Satrio dan Ronal Poetiray. The band's name was taken from his name combined with Italian expression "issimo" that means "the most" in music terminology, Imanissimo. This because most of the composition that they played were composed by Iman Ismar and the other members had no objection with this name. Even they felt that the name is unique. This formation produced an album 'Self Title' that soon Formasi ini sempat menelurkan album berjudul ‘Self Title’ which soon caught the attention of progressive music fans in Indonesia and brought them to Andy Julias who produced Imanissimo's second album titled Z's Diary. After producing Z's Diary album, Ponco and Ronald left the formation and replaced by Johanes Jordan and Raden Agung until now. 

Iman's other activity is composing music for dance and theatre. His current job in daily basis is Music Teacher in Sekolah HighScope Indonesia- Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.


Marcellus Maxmillian Mario Putra Prayoga (Putra)

Imanissimo's drummer, Marcellus Mario Putra Prayoga aka Tata is the second child of five children in his family. Tata was born of Mr. Petrus Adibrata and Mrs. Erna Prawitasari on November 14, 1980. He is also a niece of Didi AGP, an Indonesian composer.   

Born in a musical family, he showed a great interest in musical instrument since his childhood, especially in drum and percussion. He is a fan of alternative music genre, and Nirvana was his favorite band. As a student he used to cover Nirvana's songs with his classmates.

He has an excellent skill in memorizing drumming pattern. Therefore he continued his study in Jakarta Art Institute (Instittut Kesenian Jakarta) majoring Drum Percussion under the guidance of Mr. Uus in 2000. Having an excellent drumming skill, made him invited by lots of friends to join their band.

One of his friend who was interested in his drumming skill was Iman Ismar, his senior at IKJ. Iman Ismar invited him to form a new progressive rock band after he resigned from Pendulum Band. Tata is quite a very selective musician in joining a band. Up to now he only joined two bands: Medium and Imanissimo.

In Medium, he produced an indie album, but shortly afterwards he resigned from the band because of different principles and musical taste. He then decided to accept Iman's invitation to join Imanissimo and become its drummer until now. His current job out of Imanissimo is the Branch Head Instructor at Gilang Ramadan School of Drum. He also serves in Christian Worship band at many church services.


Johannes Jordan (Jordan)

Imanissimo's guitarist, Johanes Jordan Sebastian, was born of Mr. Robertus Heri and Mrs. Immaculata Handayani in Ambarawa, Central Java on December 19, 1985.  He is the eldest of three children in his family. Jordan was born in a musical family. His both brother and sister are also a professional musician. He interested in guitar since he was a kid and took guitar lesson at Yamaha Music Course under the guidance of Indonesian classic guitar maestro Benny M. Tanto.
In Junior and Senior High School, Jordan joined in many classic guitar competition and won some of them. He was also awarded as Best Guitarist in some band festivals. 

In 2003 he continued his study in Atmajaya University majoring Economy where he several times formed a band with his classmates. He also serves in Church music services. with his great talent in music he often took part as Music Director in some performances at his campus. He also performed in classic guitar recital in Jakarta. He was also a producer of Atmajaya's Christian songs album.

In 2006 he found an advertisement tof Imanissimo's Guitarist audition to replace Ponco Satrio who had to continue his music study in Oklahoma, USA. As a rpogressive music lover he was interested in joining the audition. Imanissimo was on of his favorite and they just won an AMI Award in Beat Rock Progressive Album 2005. 

After months and months, Iman Ismar finally contacted John Jordan to join Imanissimo. Jordan himself had forgotten about the audition. Imanissimo actually had chosen the best guitarist festival Yamaha in 2005,Firman Alhakim. But Firman Alhakim lasted only a few months as Imanissimo's guitarist due to differences in musical principles. Jordan accepted Iman's offer and joined the band until now.

Same as Iman Ismar, Jordan daily activities is teaching music at Sekolah HighScope Indonesia- Kelapa Gading. Jordan also a music arranger for Mia Patria Choir who become a cultural ambassador of Indonesia to foreign countries.


Raden Agung Hermawan Fitrianto (Agung)

The last personnel is Raden Agung Hermawan Fitrianto. Born of Mr. Raden Sumarsono and Mrs. Nyimas Anis Agus in Palembang, South Sumatera on September 22, 1977 he is the first child of two children in his family. He actually didn't have interest in music even his Mom used to play piano. He liked to draw cartoon and caricature, but his dream was to be a fighter jet pilot, a dream that he still held until he was in Senior High School. His introduction to music started when he joined the Scouts in Junior High School. When he was in Senior High School his interest in music was growing deeper so that he forgot his dream to be a pilot. 

Since that time he decided to be a musician. At first his parent forbid him to be a musician, but then they let him go to Jakarta to pursue his dream and learned music in Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ) majoring classic guitar and piano in1995. He met Iman Ismar but never formed a band due to different taste in music. At that time Raden Agung liked grunge music. Raden Agung formed Samudra Band as vocalist covering Aerosmith. 

Raden Agung also actively involved as a music composer for theater and dance performances. Besides, he also often performed a classical guitar recital of his composition works. He was an orchestra conductor when he studied in IKJ. Graduating from IKJ, Raden Agung consistently works as a musician until one day he got a call from Iman Ismar who invited him to join Imanissimo as keyboardist. Raden Agung initially a bit hesitant to join Imanissimo, because of his skill in playing keyboard. But Iman Ismar convince him that Raden Agung is best suited to Imanissimo.

In fact, after Raden Agung joined as keyboardist, Imanissimo became more solid until now. Raden Agung activities outside Imanissimo today is a composer and music teacher in Tara Salvia Junior High School and Moroccan Islamic International School.