Imanissimo - Enigma

Executive Producer: Imanissimo & Kelana Proehoeman. Produced by Imanissimo © 2017 FASTY Records.
All Music and Vocal Arranged by IMANISSIMO. All Orchestra Arranged by Raden Agung.

  1. Minimanimo Ini Imanissimo
  2. Tembang Ambarawa
  3. Death of Love
  4. Simponi Indonesia: Rock Opera Adegan II – Tarian Patriotik
  5. Kampretos In D Minor
  6. Lakon: Bukan Urusan Saya
  7. Impromptu Visits
  8. Merah Putih Pemuda
  9. Menuju Jalan-Mu

The Musician
Iman Ismar: Electric Bass/Keyboards/Ocarina/Rindik/Gamelan/Vocal
Marcellus Putra: Drums/Gamelan
Johanes Jordan: Electric, Acoustic, & Synthesizers Guitar/
Raden Agung: Keyboards/Synthesizers/Sampler/
Electric Guitar/Cello/Suling/Gamelan/Vocal

Additional Musician
Kelana Proehoeman: Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocal
Siti Chairani Proehoeman: Soprano on "Death of Love"
Alberto Dwijayadi: Lead Vocal on "Merah Putih Pemuda"
Sharen Perla A./Sekar/Nareswari S./Eleanora/Caliandra V./Fabiola/Alamanda D./
Hendro Ismoyo Jati: Choir on "Simfoni Indonesia: Rock Opera Adegan II – Tarian Patriotik"
Louise Mercy: Acoustic Guitar (intro) and choir on "Simfoni Indonesia: Adegan II – Tarian Patriotik"
Fauzan: Violin on intro of "Simfoni Indonesia: Adegan II – Tarian Patriotik"
Pandoyo Adi Nugroho: Pupet Master (Ki Dalang) on "Bukan Urusan Saya"

Executive Producer: IMANISSIMO & Kelana Proehoeman
Produced by IMANISSIMO & Kelana Proehoeman
Recorded by Kelana Proehoeman at Mekel Music Studio (MMS Recording Studio)
Additional Recording by Johanes Jordan at HighScope Kelapa Gading Recording Studio
Sampler Programming & Additional Engineering by Raden Agung
Keyboards Recorded at 9Dworks studio
Mixed & Mastered by Kelana Proehoeman at Studio Kelana (+62812 8068 4213)
Art Work Designer: Agiyanto Dalil (+62819 3202 5377)
Photography: Rizky Nanaz - The Ribetz Foundation (+62812 1004 8770)
Web Designer: Cahyono Herlambang (+62812 8198 0800)
Manager & Live Art Director: Pandoyo Adi Nugroho (+62857 8177 4209)
Book Narration: Raden Agung
English Translation: Hendro Ismoyo Jati

@fastyrecords ©imanissimoprogject @2017


Imanissimo - Happiness And Sadness

Executive Producer: Imanissimo. Produced by Imanissimo © 2013 FASTY Records.
All music by Iman Ismar except Happiness and Sadness by Johanes Jordan.
All music arranged by Iman, Jordan, Agung & Putra. All orchestra Arranged by Raden Agung.

  1. Happiness And Sadness
  2. Sacred Pain
  3. Echo In The Distances
  4. Send Me An Angel
  5. Steps Into Nothingness (Remix Dj Raf)
  6. Desperate Melody
  7. Picture Of Thousand Words: I. Andante Molto E Cantabile
  8. Picture Of Thousand Words: II. Allegro Agitato Con Brio
  9. In Prayer: I. Largo Assai
    (Based From A Poet By Sapardi Djoko Damono, Translated By John H Mcglynn)
  10. In Prayer: II. Presto Agitato E Furioso
  11. In Prayer: III. Adagio Espressivo Quasi Maestoso
  12. Caught In The Cage's (1:11) - Vertical

The Musician
IMAN ISMAR : Bass, Soundscape, Synthesizer, Erhu, Percussions and Lead Vox
MARCELLUS PUTRA : Drums and Percussions
JOHANES JORDA : All Guitars, and Vox
RADEN AGUNG : Keyboards, Synthesizer, Soundscape, Harmonica and Vox

Lyrics: Send Me an Angel by Genevieve Agnes / Iman Ismar, Sacred Pain by Iman Ismar / Genevieve Agnes / Putra / Anthon Yuniananto. Picture of Thousand Words by Anthon Yuniananto / Iman Ismar, Echo in the Distance by Anthon Yuniananto / Iman Ismar. In Prayer lyrics taken from a poem by Sapardi Djoko Damono, translated by John McGlynn.

All songs recorded in between 2008 - 2012. Recorded & Mixed by Iman Ismar & Raden Agung (Egan Music Studio). All drums recorded by Yuri Indrawan Jiwapraja at Warna Studio, except "Picture Of Thousand Words" recorded by Kelana Proehoeman at Mekel Music Studio). Additional Kendang played by Kang Arif Dwi Widodo on "Echo In The Distances" Mastered by Imran Sati (Soundsation Music Studio).

Artwork Designed by Agixdalil & Gaman
Web Designed by Cahyo -
"Forrest" Photo by Raden Agung & Wayan Dwitayana


Imanissimo - Scratching Tracks On Happiness And Sadness (Bonus Limited Edition CD)

  1. Happiness + Sadness = Humanity (demo)
  2. Pictures Of Thousand Words (demo)
  3. Desperate Melody (demo)
  4. Vertically (demo)
  5. Step In To Nothingness (demo)
  6. Sacred Pain (demo)
  7. Send Me Angel (demo)
  8. Step Into Nothingness (Band Version)
  9. Lyric (demo) (Unreleased)

All songs recorded in between 2006-2008.
Recorded at Cireundeu home studio by Iman Ismar.

The Musician
IMAN ISMAR : Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums Programming
JOHANES JORDAN : Electric Guitar
RADEN AGUNG : Keyboards
MARCELLUS PUTRA : Drums Director


Imanissimo - Z's Diary

Executive Producer by Andy Julias (Indonesian Progressive Society).
Produced by Andy Julias & Imanissimo © 2004.

  1. 1st Moment ...... Z’s Dream
    I. Z’s Theme
    II. Is This My Dream ?
    III. Ordinary Dream
    IV. Through Z’s Nightmare
    V. End Of Z’s Dream (Is This My Dream ? Part 2)
  2. 2nd Moment ...... Anomaly Of The Ocean*
    (Iman & Charlie)
  3. 3rd Moment ...... The Adventures Of Captain Zed
    I. Methaporic Island
    II. State Of Nature
    III. Anxiety Mind
    IV. Another Great Journey
  4. Final Moment ...... Last Day To Live
    I. Dilemmatic Sunrise
    II. Tales From The Ocean
    III. In Between Times
    IV. Hopeless Soul
    V. Blast From The Past
    VI. The Dying Ship
    VII. The Last Sunset 

Story & Composition, Arranged by Imanissimo © 2004

The Musician
IMAN ISMAR : Bass Guitar, Tehyan & Percussion
PONCO SATRIO : Acoustic, Electric Guitar & Tambourine
M.M.M. PUTRA PRAYOGA : Drums & Percussion

Guest Musicians
Keyboard & Spacey : FR. Ronald Poetiray
Percussion : Henkky Bae, Harry Pattirajawane & Michael "Pendulum" appears courtesy of Chico & Ira Production
Lead Vocal : Yuyun
Choir : Naomi, Rully & Yuyun
Tabla : John Navid
Trumpet : Donald Tobing
Vocal on Anomaly of The Ocean : Andy J, Welly, Makmur "Pele" Yuniarto, Dira & Ratna Ully
*Sea Shore : Andy Julias
Narrated & Narrator : Pandoyo Adi Nugroho
Narration Translated by Madia Patra Ismar R.

PRS Records, Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia
Recorded by Wido & Prast at C-Pro Studio, Jakarta, Oct '03 - May '04
Mixed by Prast at C-Pro Pro Tools HD3 Studio, Jakarta, May - June '04
*Produced by Iman & Mixed by Ron Ilyas at Delta Studio
Mastered by soundSATION, Jakarta, Oct '04
Artwork & Design by AgixDalil
Ocean Bryce & Z's Poser modelling by Cahyono
Band Photography by Iman, Dojo and Ronald



Recorded Live. Produced by Imanissimo © 2002 (Self Production).
Released on 5 April 2002. (CDR)

  1. Quantum
  2. Freak
  3. Cosmic
  4. Lost Soul From Akalipa
  5. Chaos#1
  6. Going Home

The Musician
IMAN ISMAR : Bass Guitar
FR. RONALD POETIRAY : Keyboard & Spacey
M.M.M. PUTRA PRAYOGA : Drums & Percussion

Recorded by Cahyono
Cover design by Tamanbunga